Shock Absorber Rules Refined for 2005 Atlantic season

INDIANAPOLIS (December 23, 2004) -- Last season the Toyota Atlantic Championship Presented by Yokohama used a series-specified shock absorber for the first time in competition. Today, series officials announced that they will further refine the rules and specifications for the TT44 five-way adjustable shock designed by Ohlins USA in an effort to curb costs and ensure competitors are on an even playing field when it comes to shock performance.

All aspects of the shock, including main and reservoir valving, will be specified to all Atlantic championship competitors and Ohlins will supply all series entrants a spec card that will detail all allowed shock spec components and spare parts for the upcoming season.

Toyota Atlantic teams will be responsible for all maintenance as it relates to their specific shock absorbers but the teams must comply with the designated series specifications and Atlantic officials may inspect any car's shocks at any time during the course of the season to ensure that the team is in compliance.

The refinement of the shocks will still enable competitors to adjust to a range of setups during competition, but it limits the amount of internal adjustments and combinations available to teams. These restrictions will also help lower the costs of shock research and development for Atlantic teams.

Any Atlantic championship entrant that is found to not be in compliance with the new specifications will be penalized with a loss of championship points and a monetary fine along with any other penalties to be determined by the series race director.

Atlantic officials encourage each 2005 season competitor to submit their shocks to Ohlins to verify that all components and dimensions are in compliance with the new series guidelines.