Atlantic Champion evaluates 2009 options

2008 Formula Atlantic Champion and Rookie Of The Year,Markus Niemela, has been busy since the end of the Atlantic championship. Right after the last Atlantic race Markus returned to Europe for a GP2 test and end of season fan party and within days was recalled to USA for Indy lights testing at Putnam Park and in Kentucky. Markus then received a call from Mercedes to join them at Mugello in Italy to test a DTM machine.

Having returned to Finland for the holiday season Markus said:

"I've never driven so many different cars in such short time. It has been busy and great to get drive all these cars especially as all of the tests went very well. My next year is still quite open and no decisions have been made but there are some interesting opportunities. We are still evaluating for different options and waiting for all the cards to be on table before making any decisions."