Mike Stucker Motorsport News International

Houston, TX (October 2 1998) Organizers of the Texaco Grand Prix of Houston promised that the track would be a "different" street course. The drivers who will be racing on the circuit agree. Almost all of the drivers who will be taking part in the Toyota Atlantic, NTB Trans-Am and FedEx CART races this weekend have had nothing but good things to say about the new circuit on the streets of downtown Houston, Texas.

Toyota Atlantics

Memo Gidley: "The track feels good. It's a technical track. It has lots of 90-degree turns. You've got to use every inch of the track unlike other street courses where it pulls you back early. It's a fun track to drive."

Anthony Lazzaro: "It's smooth and it's fun. The circuit, the walls, the fencing is all up in good shape."

NTB Trans-Am

Paul Gentilozzi: "The track has good rhythm and great speed. The two concrete patches were a little slippery, and oil on the track took away the fast line in a couple of places, but this track should be great to race on."

Bill Saunders: "There are at least four good places for passing, far more than any other street circuit that we run on."

Johnny Miller: "This will be a good track to race on. There are some really neat turns, lots of traction, and good flagging."


Adrian Fernandez: "In two places it is a little bumpy, but the rest is nice. It is wide in a lot of places and that will be good for passing. The only bad thing is the pit out, but it was the only way they could do it this year."

Al Unser Jr.: "My first impressions of the track are very good. I like the layout - its very challenging and it looks like there are more than two passing areas. The track is very smooth which I really like a lot."

Dario Franchitti: "The track's not that bad. The second and third gear corners on the hot laps are pretty interesting, but overall, they've done a good job with the place, and there are a number of places where you can make up time."