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Tom Hessert's #77 Barbara's Autoland Dodge Charger Chad Bryant
Cunningham Motorsports #22 ARCA Dodge Charger Michel Disdier & Eric Gilbert
Tim & Austin Wayne Self Tim Andrews, Evelyn Andrews & Austin Wayne Self
Anthony Puckett Austin Wayne Self
Paul Andrews Michel Disdier's #22
#77 in the shop
Tom Hessert riding high, wide and handsome in the top groove Bob Melvin
Tom Hessert
Cunningham Motorports Car Chief Tim Andrews
Anderson Bowen
Anderson Bowen testing a Cunningham Motorsports Dodge at Mobile Austin Wayne Self
Tom Hessert in the #77 Cunningham Motorsports Dodge Charger
Tom Hessert & Paul Andrews Tim Andrews & Bob Melvin
Business end of the Dodge Charger