Frank Kimmel reflects and looks ahead

Brooklyn, Mich. (June 12, 2003) -- The rain on this wet Thursday at Michigan International Speedway has all the ARCA cars under tarps and all the drivers are huddled in their transporters staying warm and dry. Even the press stayed away on a cold and damp day at MIS. However was on the prowl and found Frank Kimmel on pit road surveying the puddles. At this point in the ARCA season, Kimmel finds himself leading the points.

Q: Frank, You are leading the points, you have three wins under your belt this year. How does this compare to the way you expected the season to unwind?

Frank Kimmel.
Photo by Richard Sloop.
Kimmel: This is how a season should unwind! It has been a good season, actually its been a great season! We have had some mechanical problems, but we have run real well and had our share of luck along the way. The team has done a great job week after week. They are pumped up and it shows in the results. I am pleased with how we are running. With the younger guys coming in with good equipment and support of the NASCAR teams, it has forced us to run hard. So to run up front is very satisfying.

Q: Lets look ahead to the Michigan Flagstar 200. How do you see this race unfolding.

Kimmel: This is one of the toughest races we have. There are 6 teams out of Charolette that are bringing good cars to this race. These guys will run up front and could kick our butt. We can run with them, but they bring the money and the equipment to this race and they will be fast. I am not talking about Jason (Jarrett) or Kyle (Busch), who run with us, but the Cup guys. As for this race, this will be a fuel economy race, that and tires, we will have to take care of the Hoosiers too. This is a long race for us and a fast race on the high banking of the MIS Super Speedway. I think we will run good if we stay out of trouble and stay toward the front. Staying out of trouble early is going to be key. That and good pit stops too.

Q: Lets focus on these Winston Cup Teams cherry picking these races in ARCA. How do you feel about that.

Kimmel: Well, when they beat you, it makes you mad, mad and more determined to run good. It has made us run better. You have to be on it all the time with these guys, they make you run better. Of course, in Charlotte, we won, and that felt good to get a win at their home track, so I guess we can run with them. All and all they have made us run better.

Q: How about these young drivers, the so-called young guns of the sport.

Kimmel: Well some of them are coming in here with some awful good equipment and good sponsors. The have made us run hard all the time. We can't back off or they will be all over us. They've kept us on our game for sure with no let up. We will be all right. We have shown we can run with them.