ERIN CROCKER (No. 98 Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Dodge Charger) --

"I'm happy to come away with a top five in my first superspeedway race. I know I learned a lot. Hopefully, I got some experience to go to Daytona in the spring. I've got to thank my team and Ray for giving me a great opportunity. It was a lot of fun. I congratulate Craig Kinser on the win. He's a fellow sprint car driver, so I've got to give him a shout out. I'm pretty content with it. There wasn't really much I could do more than where we finished. It was nice to run with some veterans and just get some drafting experience.

"I think I did a fairly good job. I stalled the car leaving pit road once, so there's room for improvement there. But, that's the first time I had done that. But, other than that, I just gained a lot of experience, and we can take that to Daytona. It's just a solid day. It's just what we wanted to do and what Ray wanted me to do, is get experience and get a good run. I'm content."

How tough was it to ride that high line in traffic?

"There's nothing to do about it. It's not hard to hold the car there. It's just frustrating to watch a whole line come by you underneath. But, they had a whole head of steam and there was a whole line of them, so you just wait for your turn to hop back in line and just stick with them."

What did you learn about drafting today?

"Just different things about drafting, when you move out of line, when you're in line, when you get a run on people... It's not something you can easily describe, but it's more of a feel that you get. I think it was a valuable experience."