Jason Rudd Steers To American Speed Association In 2004
"Rudd Aims For $50,000 Rookie Award"

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA (JANUARY 4, 2004) - - Jason Rudd Motorsports will take their focus away from the NASCAR circuit for at least a year and will head to the series that is known for building champions, The American Speed Association.

Rudd, the nephew of NASCAR Nextel Cup driver Ricky Rudd has spent the last two seasons competing between the NASCAR Busch Series and the ARCA RE/MAX Series.

With Rudd showing talent in both circuits, the results were disappointing. While Rudd has made his presence known in the ARCA RE/MAX Series with a slew of top ten performances, a mixture of handling woes and accidents have cost Jason Rudd a fair shot of stardom in the NASCAR Busch Series.

"We are expecting big things in 2004," said Jason Rudd. "I feel it is the best interest for Jason Rudd Motorsports to head to the American Speed Association next season," he continued.

"ASA is a terrific series we all know that. The series fits our budget next season and we feel that we have the opportunity to be championship material in 2004 and I cannot wait to get our season underway."

The team is currently searching for a primary sponsor, however the team is content to running the full season without the help of a sponsor if necessary. "It would be great to have a sponsor onboard our team this season, we're continuing to talk to potentional sponsors and we are remaining confident and hoping that something develops."

JRM (Jason Rudd Motorsports) has yet to receive their number from the American Speed Association, but the team has chosen to run Chevrolet Monte Carlos in 2004. "We feel that Chevrolet is offering a tremendous package next season, we feel that both the body and engine will be top of the line," Jason mentioned.

The first event of the 2004 American Speed Association season occurs March 27th, 2004 from USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Florida.

For more information on the American Speed Association please visit www.asaracing.com and for more input on Jason Rudd, please log onto www.jasonrudd.com