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Chronological AMA photos :

Up under the Bridge
Leaning way over in 10B Eric Bostrom
Up to the Bridge Ben Bostrom
Eric Bostrom leaning way over! Miguel in pain
Kurtis in transition Brian Stokes
Greg Moore Eric Bostrom
Miguel Duhamel Miguel Duhamel
Ben Bostrom Ben Bostrom
Ben Bostrom
John Haner Mike Johnston
James Bonner Anthony Gobert
Roberts overtaking Todd Keesee Ben Bostrom
Doug Duane Eric Bostrom
Anthony Gobert
Matt Mladin Lee Acree gives Steve Rapp a ride back to the pits
Nice Visor! Jason Pridmore
Geoff May Geoff May discusses setup with team engineer ÒHippieÓ
Scott Carpenter Miguel Duhamel
Jordan Szoke Matt Mladin
Anthony Gobert Ben Bostrom
Eric Bostrom Jordan Szoke
Chuck Ivey Brian Livengood
Aaron Yates
Kurtis Roberts