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Chronological ALMS photos :

BMW Shop Weaver prepares
Fredrik Ekblom
James Weaver Dyson cockpit
Andy Pilgrim Saleen GTS
Panoz Panoz controls
Panoz intake ports
Panoz top Audi nose
Audi front Audi rear
Pirro and Kristensen
David Donahue
John Field
Sascha Maassen
Claudia Hurtgen Enter here
Tom Kristensen
Audi controls Panoz at speed
Randy Pobst
Milka Duno
J.J. Lehto
Cadillac at speed Audi at speed
Tire bath
Audi burst Body repairs
Boris Said
BMW flags Gateway to the ALMS
BMW at speed Herbert and Wallace
Butch Leitzinger
Smiling Hans
Audi gang Carbon brake disks
Bill Adams
Autograph session
Johnny O'Connell