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Beetle trimmed out Super truck drifting through turn 10
Hawaiin Tropic girls
Mail2web girls
Hawaiin Tropic girls
Super truck enters pit lane
Super truck front
Super truck engine Strana super truck
Don Panoz
The Racers Group had sponsor help on the podium GT podium
GTS podium 675 champagne sprayed
675 podium 900 champagne sprayed
900 podium The infamous turn five
Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello win at Mosport
Top view of turn five enterance Mosport has many elevation changes
Fans line the course Knight Hawk pit stop
Emmanuel Collard
Audi pit stop Audi driver change
Panoz pit stop Banana Joes pit stop
Wayne Taylor
Cadillac crew watches intently Parts is parts
Jon Field pit stop Panoz at speed
Audi at speed Saleen at speed
Cadillac at speed Entering turn five
Exiting on the curb
Blue flag Exiting turn three
Clint Field buckles in Mark Neuhaus Narrow pit lane access
Exiting turn one The bridge over the grid
Helmet of Stefan Johansson Crowd at turn one
Panoz reflects the flag Bag pipers play on the grid
Bag piper