Tracsport Test Courage C65 at Le Mans

Tracsport driver John Ingram tested a Courage C65 at the Le Mans Bugatti circuit last Friday. The Daventry team are hoping to run the car in the 2005 Le Mans Endurance Series and selected rounds of the American Le Mans championship.

"The Courage C65 is a truly fantastic prototype, certainly one of the best new specification LMP2 prototypes in the world at the moment," Ingram commented after the test. "The car is a lot more agile and more powerful than the Lola B2K/40 we ran in the LMES this season. It has considerably more downforce and while the Courage's 2.0 turbo AER produces approximately 550 bhp, the Lola has 430 bhp. The Courage's carbon brakes were also a new experience for me as we've been running with steel brakes.

"Yves Courage and the Courage Competition team were extremely supportive and a real pleasure to work with. I tested the car with Jonathan Cochet who has been running with Courage Competition in the LMES this year and has a wealth of experience in the car."

Tracsport finished third in LMP2 this season with Ingram, John Gaw and Rick Pearson. Despite narrowly missing out on automatic pre-seeding for the 2005 Le Mans 24 Hours, the team are still hopeful of competing in the race next June.

"I believe we have shown the LMES Organisation and the ACO that we deserve a place on the Le Mans grid next summer," Ingram said. "We finished third in our first race at the Nurburgring, fifth at Silverstone and then fourth at Spa last month. Tracsport are committed to the Le Mans Endurance Series and we're working hard at the moment to secure the necessary funding for next year.

"Le Mans is one of the most famous motor racing tracks in the world, and to have an exclusive test on the Le Mans Bugatti circuit to drive the Courage C65 for the first time was a great experience. It was definitely a step in the right direction for Tracsport for 2005".