November 3, Daytona, FL -- When Team Bucknum Racing's new Pilbeam MP84 arrived from England via Ohio distributor TrueChoice two months ago, there were a lot of unanswered questions on the minds of the car's first owner. After all, the car is only one of seven in the world. And although the make and model has competed successfully in European races, there's always that element of seeing, for yourself, is believing.

"The race at Daytona this past weekend proved to us that our Nissan engine will produce the speed we'll need, so that's one item off our checklist" says Team Bucknum owner Jeff Bucknum, whose Fairytale Brownies-sponsored prototype hit top speeds nearing 175 mph, comparable to other in-class cars.

November 5, Scottsdale, AZ -- SquareRadius, a Scottsdale-based division of information technology provider UBICS (NASDAQ: UBIX), and Team Bucknum Racing have reached a sponsorship agreement for the 2002 season that includes SquareRadius being named the official developer of the team's new Web site.

"The racing community is filled with business owners and the fan base of the American Le Mans Series is quite affluent and influential, so the affiliation gives us new ways to market our services to decision makers across the country cost-effectively" says Candace Wade, chief executive officer of SquareRadius.[IMAGE]

November 9, Lake Havasu, AZ -- - As soon as you watch any American Le Mans race, you quickly notice a wide variety of cars. Everything from the exotic, purpose-built prototype cars to race-readied versions of cars you can buy in a showroom.

The visual diversity is more than just aesthetic and adds up to a spectator experience unlike other popular forms of auto racing. There are four races happening, or four classes of cars racing, all at once. There are two prototype classes, LMP 900 and LMP 675, and the GTS and GT classes. Each class has a winner each race, plus among all classes there is an overall race winner which normally hails from the fastest class, the LMP 900.