By Paul Tippens -

10.30am Adelaide time Audi driver Alan McNish has gone into hospital with an apparent back injury. Australian Brad Jones of Super Touring fame has been called in to stand by if Alan can not take the wheel.

Reports are varied as to how McNish has hurt himself, some suggesting that he had a fall from a push bike yesterday. Others in the Audi pit are saying he twisted his back while taking of a Kilt after a photo shoot. The later would most likely be joke on Alan's part.

Saturday 12noon Alan Mcnish is to stay in the hotel room and rest at stage. Talking with Audi management, they will talk with Alan in the morning to see how he feels and whether he will drive. it is still uncertain if Australian Brad Jones will get a drive of the R8 today.

Team Oreca has taken provisional pole in the GTS class. #91 driven by Oliva Berretta took quick time with a lap of 1.34.6027. Team mate Jean Belloc was second .994sec behind. Stephen Watson is third in the Chamberlain Viper with a time of1.35.9324.

The Prototypes will be out later this afternoon.

The Olive Garden car no.0 will be in Qualifying this afternoon after repairing a differential which kept them out of the night practice session yesterday.

The Project 2000 Pilbeam has had to withdraw from the event. team driver Jamie Wall said that the team was trying a new nose box which had been tested and is at FIA specification, but the team did not have the correct homolagation papers to allow them to use the new nose. the team are disappointed but said they would rather be here than at home anyway.