fast start

Terry Borcheller enjoyed a few days in a Ferrari during the American Le Mans Series race weekend at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis. Borcheller, of Phoenix, and Shane Lewis of Jupiter, Fla., put the No. 63 ACEMCO Motorsports Ferrari 360 Modena GT through its paces on the 4.048-mile road course.

Borcheller qualified the ACEMCO Ferrari 10th in the GT class with a lap time of two minutes 12.811 seconds, more than a second faster than his best time in practice.

"I had a really good qualifying run," he said. "The fastest the car had gone was a 14 [2:14.085]. I thought my qualifying lap would be a 14 or low 13, but I ended up popping off a 12.8! I was really, really pleased."

tough timing

Borcheller drove the first 80 minutes of Sunday's two-hour 45-minute race, moving up from 10th to fifth in GT. His low-fuel warning light came on at the start of the sole caution period during the race. Because of the long track distance, he was able to complete only one more lap before refueling, forcing him to stop while the pits were closed. Borcheller then had to wait for two more laps before the pits opened, allowing fueling and a driver change.

Lewis returned to the track 12th in class, two laps behind the class leader. He regained four positions during his stint, and the pair finished eighth - the highest Ferrari GT finish.

"We had a virtually perfect race," Borcheller said. "Shane and everyone did a tremendous job, but the yellow [caution] just couldn't have come at a worse time. We knew we couldn't do another lap, so we had to pit while the pits where closed and sit there until the pits were open. I went in fifth and we came out 12th, two laps down. It was just really bad timing."


Borcheller will drive the No. 63 ACEMCO Ferrari in the American Le Mans Series race at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Calif., on Sept. 7.