Reynard Motorsport has today confirmed the introduction of a new Sportscar for 2002. The Reynard 02S-P675 sports racing car is being developed for Sportscar Series on both sides of the Atlantic including the American Le Mans Series, FIA Sportscar Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours. The first car is due to be out testing in early December in preparation for the 2002 season.

This new Reynard Sportscar is a clean sheet design from the Championship winning constructor. The first Reynard Sportscar was built in 1999 for the 2000 season and since this time the company has been developing its 2KQ model, with the 2KQ-LM and the 01Q following its introduction. The 2002 car is an evolution of knowledge, but it is an all-new design from a vibrant young design team who have used their experience from the earlier models to develop this exciting Reynard car.

The move to the lighter, 675 class of Sportscar with this new Reynard is a strategic decision for the company. This sector offers scope for manufacturer designed customer entries, with the company focusing on designing a car that can be cost effective as well as highly competitive, to attract racers interested in participating in Sportscar series in the USA and Europe, at an affordable cost.

"We've been working on this project for around two years now," says Mark Smithson, Managing Director, Reynard Motorsport. "We've carefully evaluated the demands of this sector and the opportunities that exist for us as a volume racecar producer, and believe that the 675 class is the way forward for us. We've put together a great design and development team and they're putting a tremendous effort into the fundamentals of the car and ensuring that we'll be introducing a strong product. We'll also be taking our research and development work through to the track with a commitment to a testing programme designed to validate performance and endurance."

"Reynard's strengths lie with the quality of its people, the high standards of production that we achieve and the application of cutting edge technology in the processes we use in manufacturing. This new car will reflect our strengths and build on over 27 years of race car production experience to produce a quality product that we believe will be another Championship winner. We've had plenty of interest from the industry and we're confident that this will be a prime option for teams and drivers looking at the 675 class."

The new car is close to completion and has undergone an in-depth aerodynamics research programme. The design approach seeks to optimise the aero package with a single roll hoop and a design that offers a very low drag, high downforce configuration in its standard, delivered form, which is appropriate to the majority of the circuits used in Sportscar series, and with a ultra-low drag package for the specific demands of tracks such as Le Mans.

Reynard Motorsport has many years of experience in motor sport design, engineering and manufacture, with proven success. Reynard Champ Cars have dominated the CART FedEx Championship Series since entering in 1994. The current leader of the Driver's Championship drives a Reynard and the marque has just clinched the Constructors Championship for the seventh year in succession. In Japan, the Reynard Formula Nippon has been outclassing its competitor and has an unassailable Championship lead, and the Dick Barbour Racing team with their Reynard 01Q-LM Sportscar has taken the LMP675 title in the American Le Mans Series Championship. In addition the French ROC team took class victory at Le Mans 24 Hour race.

- Reynard Motorsport