Reynard Links Up With Strong Supplier Portfolio For New 02S Sportscar

15 November -- The new 02S sports racing car from Reynard has been designed with optimum efficiency and high level performance as the two main goals, with supplier selection being a critical factor in achieving these goals. Following the success of the 01Q this year, the design team has been monitoring the development of the 675 opportunities and recognised the fundamentals required to produce a competitive car for this category. A comprehensive aerodynamics programme has defined a very efficient body, with the benchmarks of performance already noted from the company's Sportscar experience and clearly defined minimum targets have been set using this knowledge.

The chassis has been designed to accommodate the current LMP675 customer engines available, with the two basic configurations being V8 and 4-cylinder turbo. The construction of the carbon composite tub has safety features similar to a Formula single seater car, except that it is sufficiently wide to accept two seats side by side. The fuel cell is behind the driver within a safety structure and is filled via a twin dry break coupling on the right hand side of the car. The chassis roll over and crash protection meets the requirements for both the 900 and 675 classes.

Reynard has teamed up with a strong list of suppliers in the production of the new car, with Ricardo, manufacturer of the Championship winning Audis transmission, providing the gearbox for the 02S, which features an integrated pneumatic paddle shift system as standard. The magnesium alloy case envelops a bespoke Transverse 2 Shaft layout with gears ahead of the differential unit and incorporates the oil tank in the bell housing. Ricardo has proven success in endurance racing and has an enviable customer support programme, which includes Ricardo training for technicians and a liaison engineer assigned to customers for their initial testing programmes.

In addition to the selection of Ricardo for the transmission, Reynard has chosen a first class roster of other companies for the project including: Oz supplying bespoke wheels; brake callipers, carbon discs and original carbon clutch from AP, Dynamics providing dampers, together with customer support and servicing, and Pi supplying the Delta data acquisition system with steering wheel dash display.

In its design, Reynard has taken a no-compromises approach and this is particularly evident in the structure, with a comprehensive analysis undertaken to optimise weight and stiffness, to be validated with static testing, and also in safety. The car has been crash tested to LMP900 specification, incorporates FIA specification driver head protection, and features a raised floor and nosebox, together with side impact protection.

Will Phillips, 02S Chief Designer at Reynard Motorsport explains the philosophy of the new car, saying, "We've taken a clean sheet of paper for this new car and set out to optimise all the essential elements of a light, fuel efficient Sportscar, paying particular attention to the aerodynamics, mechanical parts and cost. The resultant design offers enormous potential as a 675 customer car. We've taken into account all the other important factors, particularly in areas such as day-to-day running by the team, when the customers' mechanics need to be able to work on the car easily and successfully, replacing parts and servicing it efficiently. Of course we've also addressed the safety issues and given ourselves high standards of crash testing to meet."

"The next step for us, once we've completed our wind tunnel programme," adds Phillips, "is to get our first car on track -- then we can start testing. I'm very excited by this new car and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruition of many peoples work come together over the next few months."