Silverstone represents home-air for Mimmo Schiattarella and Olive Garden-Rafanelli team, after the podium in Charlotte all the squad coming to England with the best intentions to give thrill to the race.

Mimmo was leading the time sheet in the Michelin test at Monza last Wednesday 19 April before leaving to Phoenix and scoring the Pole Position in the Grand-Am event. The following day the Audis clinched better times but he's confident anyhow. "I love Silverstone" says Schiattarella "it's a real Grand Prix circuit, one of the last "old style" tracks: great straight and really fast corners. No excuses hence: real Drivers have go flat out. The only question mark is the rain, in springtime always present in the British sky. We never tested the car here and we have not experience with rain tires but I hope that Lola guys in their hometrack will support us properly in order to let us race the works teams."

At age of 32 Mimmo is a F1 young...veteran and he is really happy to be in a club that count already many respectable members in the league. "David Brabham was my team mate in F1 during 1994 and I have great esteem for him, as well for JJ and Magnussen. I feel respect also for my fellows Italian Alboreto and Pirro: they are not youngsters anymore, but they have enormous level of experience."

Among these Schiattarella is the only one not driving for a works team but Mimmo, a real Racer, is pretty proud of it. "It's better I could even dream, I'm very happy to be at Team Rafanelli: it is a fabulous squad, able to do a fantastic job" said Mimmo talking about year 2000 for ALMS. "The new Olive Garden Rafanelli V-10 is an impressive weapon with a powerful engine, we have the dreamed Michelin tires and a tasteful Olive Garden backing. All is in the right place to be a sound package".

"In 1999 everything was all-new for us and my guys did an unbelievable effort" continues Mimmo Schiattarella that reported an impressive debut-winning race in the series at Road Atlanta following an even more impressive Pole Position. "This year with an improved technical package we'll do our best in facing up to works teams. We know, everyone knows, we are a small team if compared with BMW, Audi and Panoz but we have a great strength: we are a very close squad with hunger to win!" " I love Silverstone, it's a real F1 track. No excuses: flat out!"