Michelin Adapts its Motorsport Department Organisation

In the light of Pierre Dupasquier's forthcoming retirement in 2006 and wishing to ensure maximum levels of continuity and efficiency following his departure, Michelin has made the following changes to its motorsport organisation:

* Monsieur Frédéric Henry-Biabaud, who joined the motorsport group at the beginning of 2003 as Deputy Director, will replace Pierre Dupasquier as Director of Motorsport at the end of the 2005 season.

*      The motorsport group is made up of five departments:

Rallying, headed by Aimé Chatard
Motorcycling, headed by Nicolas Goubert
Endurance Racing, headed by Matthieu Bonardel
Rally Raids, headed by Aimé Chatard
Formula One

Regarding the Formula One department, Pascal Vasselon has been promoted to a new position in North America following 10 years in the motorsport group and will take up his functions from April 2005. Mr Nick Shorrock will take over the responsibility of the Formula One department from January 2005, with Monsieur Patrick Cohen assisting him as Technical Manager.

Englishman Nick Shorrock will be responsible for Formula One operations, the performance of the Formula One department, and in particular relations with Michelin's partner teams. In addition, he will be responsible for promoting the company's position concerning the evolution of future tyre regulations, a key factor in Michelin's participation in Formula One. His experience in managing international teams within Michelin in the UK, Japan and France will be a key asset in this function.

Monsieur Patrick Cohen has vast experience within Michelin's Technology Centre. A Doctor of macromolecular chemistry, he has held various important positions in the field of materials - including some destined for competition use - in tyre casing design and tyre development, and in the field of vehicle/tyre dynamics. He will help forge even closer links between the innovations made in Formula One and the other activities of the Technology Centre, bearing in mind that motorsport is a formidable test and research platform for enriching the Group's pool of technical knowledge for its commercial products.

Commenting on the recent decisions, Motorsport Director Pierre Dupasquier said: "I am very happy to see that we are putting teams into place early enough to whom I can pass the torch, therefore guaranteeing the quality of service that we owe all our partners and the continuity of Michelin in racing."