GT Class - No. 66 and 67
Notes and quotes

No. 66
Kevin Buckler:

"The car feels good, it's definitely race ready. We really worked hard on the setup yesterday and it paid off. The track still feels slick and I'm hoping it will be good conditions by this afternoon."

No. 66
Brian Cunningham:

"There wasn't a lot for us to learn about the track itself. I really wanted to get a feel for the grip on the new concrete which was great. The course is still a little slick and there was a lot of standing water, but I feel like we've got the track down. Now we just wait until race time."

Michael Schrom:

"We didn't get up any speed because of the slickness of the track. This was really a good opportunity to sort out the car and see that everything is back in the right place since we're basically driving a new car after yesterday."

No. 67
Vic Rice:

"The new surface seems to be good, it's much better than yesterday, though it's still slippery. I took some driving advice from an 89-year-old friend of mine. He told me that the only way to drive is to point the car straight down the middle of the road and if someone wants to pass you, let them go around you and keep on driving down the middle. That's what I did this morning and it felt great."