In a race where many cars were struggling to just stay on the track, Highcroft Racing pulled out a fantastic result - coming in third after Penske Racing in the top two spots. A combination of masterful driving and flawless pit work brought the team their second podium of the season. Highcroft consistently lead the Acura trio in qualifying and in the race.

David Brabham, who drove the car across the finish line, was flush with the great success on the team's home track. "This is unquestionably the best result we could have achieved here. Traffic was difficult for me and I had to wait to pass many times. But that's the nature of Lime Rock." Juggling between the third and fourth position during his stint, Brabham, who has driven all four classes of cars at Lime Rock, says he "much prefers the faster cars like the Acura because you don't have to look in your mirrors as much with these cars!"

Stefan Johansson, starting the race in third position, had a bit of a dodge at the green flag, trying to avoid Dyson who cut across their row and tried to block him. Once he rounded the first corner, he was able to gain a position and hold it for the duration of his run. Said Johansson of his first race at Lime Rock "I was having a tough time with the handling early in my run. Marino Franchitti got a run on me a couple of times but then I got a good rhythm going and I opened up a gap on him. We were closing in on the leaders but the traffic is so difficult here. It's a very narrow track and passing is a constant challenge."

Back slapping and high-fiving amongst a jubilant team, Highcroft owner, Duncan Dayton took time to note that "obviously, the Porsches were on a different planet today. But we ran strong all day. We had flawless pit work which was great. We got boxed in by Dyson after the first stop because the pits are so tight. We got pushed back and lost a position to Andretti Green, but recovered quickly. Then, when we restarted after the second round we didn't take tires and that put us ahead again. But it's the result that count - and that speaks for itself - the team is ecstatic at the outcome."

Stepping off the podium with the day's other winners, Brabham summed it up by saying "the important thing at this point in the season is that we have learned a lot about the car and the team has really come together since the beginning of the year. I think Acura is doing an outstanding job in its first year and I'm excited about the future about the Acura program."

-credit: highcroft racing