Audi driver Dindo Capello about Laguna Seca

American Le Mans Series finale in California "Corkscrew" the most famous corner in the world Sand causes constantly changing grip levels The race track at Laguna Seca on the American west coast hosts the finale of the 2007 American Le Mans Series this coming Saturday. Audi factory driver Dindo Capello, who won there last year with the Audi R10 TDI, talks about the 3.602 kilometre circuit close to Monterey (California) and the even more famous "Corkscrew".

Do you like the Laguna Seca circuit?

"Laguna is my absolute favourite track. I can hardly wait to race there again."

The "Corkscrew" corner is world famous -- what is so special about it?

"Almost every child knows of the 'Corkscrew'. It's something special because the entry is completely blind and you always feel good if you get it right. You have to turn-in blind and only usually get it right about 70 per cent of the time. It is extremely difficult to be constant and to find the same line every lap. However, the 'Corkscrew' is not the only interesting corner at Laguna -- and also not the most difficult. There are several other very challenging sections."

The race finishes in the dusk, what does this mean for a driver?

"I personally don't particularly like the races that end as dusk falls. There isn't a visor suitable for these conditions. If you drive with a clear visor you're dazzled by the setting sun. With a dark visor you don't see anything in the final thirty minutes. It's certainly a fantastic atmosphere for the spectators, but I prefer races in which the amount of time spent racing in the dark is bigger."

How important is the fact that Laguna Seca is situated close to the sea?

"A lot of sand is blown onto the circuit. A tiny gust of wind is enough to make the track even more slippery. It's a peculiarity of Laguna Seca: The grip is never constant, and can actually change from one lap to the next. In general the track doesn't really have a lot of grip."

Do you have any time to enjoy the beautiful countryside around Laguna Seca?

"Laguna Seca is also the most picturesque circuit on the American Le Mans Series calendar because of its location. When I look out of my hotel room I can see the sea and sea lions, which are literally swimming right under my window. When you are in Laguna Seca you realise just how good us racing drivers have things sometimes."