(Barrie, Ontario) November 30th 2009 When the opportunity presents itself, successful Canadian auto racer Kyle Marcelli thoroughly enjoys to give back. The teen from Barrie, Ontario who has established himself on an international level of motorsports as one of Canada's next, recently gave a motivational speech at the Good Shepherd Elementary School located in his home city.

"When I was approached by both the school and one of the mothers of a child in the Grade 1 class room about the opportunity I was more than willing. As I was told about this young boy who willingly hadn't spoken a word in the class for 3 years my heart was fully committed to helping in anyway possible." Said Kyle Marcelli

Only seven years of age, the young boy speaks fluently while at home, however tests have indicated that it's the stresses in school that cause the silence in him. Recently, the school had found out about the young boys passion for race cars and determined that it would be a great idea to have local resident and professional race car driver Kyle Marcelli come in to speak in front of the class.

Kyle had the chance to speak to the kids about his experiences in school and growing up. Talking about dreams that young kids have and the fears that might prevent someone from being or doing what they want to do. Kyle shared information about his racing career with interesting discussion about the different cities and race tracks around the world that Kyle has had the opportunity to visit as well as the many different race cars. At the end of the presentation Kyle passed around his racing helmet, as well as handed out posters and stickers to all the kids in the class.

"I really enjoyed meeting the kids and speaking on their level about my. I hope the visit was a help and stepping stone for the young boy. I would definitely like to follow up to watch his progress." Said Kyle Marcelli