In a development season with one of our team drivers we had great success! Chad McQueen has completed his first full season of competition and did so with an alarming quest to excel. No mystery, however, to this Hybrid team that has supported him through a test program beginning in 2000. Hybrid Racing and Chad McQueen together have orchestrated a Two Liter Sports Racing National Championship this year. "This puts us on the fast track to further McQueen's development progress leading into the top professional ranks of Prototype Sports Car Racing," says team owner Rod Everett.

"Chad has a remarkable ability to test his limits without crossing the line and to learn new race tracks which, of course, will serve him well as we bring him to facilities which he has only heard of or read about," continued Everett.

Hybrid Racing has plans to participate in selective IMSA/GRAND-AM events in 2002 with an emphasis on a full assault in 2003 with a powerful endurance driver lineup.