Engine Developments is today pleased to release the first details of its new, 5.5 litre LMP1 engine for the 2007 season.

The engine is based on the highly successful GV5 S2 and will use the same architecture and lightweight cylinder head design that enabled Pescarolo to win the gasoline powered class at Le Mans this year. Installation of the new engine in the chassis therefore will remain unchanged.

"As always, we are continually looking at ways of improving our competitiveness to maintain our position as the top LMP1 customer engine provider", says John Judd, MD of Engine Developments. "We have therefore studied the performance of the GV5 engine relative to its sister engine the GV4, and our competitors', and have decided that an increase in capacity will significantly improve what is already the best engine available."

"To that end, we are now working on a 5.5 litre version of the engine that will be available to customers for testing prior to the start of the 2007 season. The increase in capacity will give us 10% more torque, even better driveability, which is particularly important for endurance racing, and improved fuel consumption over the GV5."

"We see this as a logical and sensible step in the development of the engine, and by no means its last evolution. We have further enhancements in mind for the platform, and are therefore fully committed to the long-term future of LMP1."