Le Mans Motor Racing Team goes Climate Neutral

As a company involved in Le Mans motor racing, CREATION AUTOSPORTIF Ltd (www.creationsport.com) is very sensitive to today's worldwide environment concerns. Not only is CREATION willing to use Bio Fuel technology once its application is sanctioned by the ACO's (the sanctioning body for the running of the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans) technical regulations, Creation has also decided to `offset' the carbon emissions from its business.

Creation Autosportif is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Climate Care whereby all of Creation Autosportif's direct carbon emissions will be 'offset' through a payment to Climate Care who, in turn, invests in projects that generate carbon emission reductions.

Climate Care, a repair service for damage to the climate, is an organisation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals by running projects across the world (such as sustainable energy and forest restoration). As well as a cutting greenhouse gases, these projects often have the additional benefit of generating an improvement in people's standards of living as well as protecting wildlife habitats. To find more about Climate Care and its projects, see www.climatecare.org

`We chose Climate Care because of their reputation for their involvement in a spread of projects that, at a micro level, also improve the quality of life for the planet's `residents' as well as its climate,' commented Creation's Michael Jankowski adding, `it would be nice to see others in our industry participate in similar programmes.'

Climate Care's Michael Buick stated, `Creation is our first motor sports company to become involved and, as far as we are aware, is the only motor racing team who are offsetting their carbon emissions. It is a good start.'

Creation will seek to offset the following activities: 1) all on-track car emissions, 2) all team transport emissions (including car(s) and spares) and 3) workshop emissions.

Motor racing is our passion and climate change is one of the globe's most important challenges. Creation is trying to take the first step in reconciling the two with the help of Climate Care.

-credit: creation autosportif