March 30 - April 1

Saturday, April 1, 2000

ALMS Pole Notables:

· JJ Lehto is the 1999-2000 Prototype pole leader with four; only David Brabham with two joins JJ as a multiple pole-winner during the period. Lehto's four "feature" poles rank tied for 23rd on the All-Time 1971-2000 "Feature" Pole list with Butch Leitzinger, Max Papis, Eliseo Salazar, Rolf Stommelen, Fermin Velez, Andy Wallace, James Weaver, and Don Whittington.

· BMW's V12 LMR now has four 1999-2000 Prototype poles, tied with the Panoz LMP-1 for leadership in this category of honors. BMW engines are now tied with Ford power at 25 "feature" Fast Qualifications a piece for fifth position on the all-time 1971-2000 Engine Manufacturer "Feature" FQs list!

· Dirk Muller's GT class pole is his seventh consecutive, tying the all-time (1975-2000) record for Consecutive GT Poles first set by Bill Auberlen in 1995 when Bill took the final seven 1995 GT poles. Dirk Muller's current seven-race GT pole streak began with the July 25, 1999 Sears Point race. Muller has taken the GT pole in eight of his nine ALMS GT class appearances. Dirk's eight GT poles already rank tied for thirteenth on the all-Time GT Fast Qualifiers list with Bob Bergstrom, Butch Leitzinger, and Walt Maas.

ALMS Combined Warmup:

In all, 22 of the 23 cars practiced. Only the #22-GT Nagel/Fitzgerald Porsche 911 GT3 R did not take to the track. The Alex Job Racing Porsche used the time to practice pit stops. There was no mechanical problem with the car.

Women's Global GT Series Quick Notes:

· Drivers prepare for races in different ways, but Nikki LaRue of the Women's Global GT Series added a new step to getting in "race mode" last night. A freshman biology major at the University of Arizona, she was doing homework.

· Kiki Wolfkill will be driving the #22 car today instead of the qualified #25 car. The car has black trim, with a black roof.

· Milka Duno will be driving the #19 car in place of the #16 car. This car is trimmed in a color known as bubble gum.

A new team and a late entry to the ALMS Grand Prix of Charlotte is the #40-GTS Don McGill.Com - Porsche Racing Team. Louis Solana - Team Manager (#40-GTS Porsche 911 Turbo) "We put this team on the entry list at the last minute due to the limited number of cars in the GTS class. I really like what Don Panoz has done with the series and I want to help make it succeed. It's too bad we still had to pay the 20% late fee. We may be more competitive in another series, but we really have a good shot at a few points and who knows . a great finish may come out of it. We're just really glad to be here." (on driver Bertrand Godin) "Bert is a super guy. I am pleased as heck with his performance. He hasn't had a good solid hour in the car, but still turns great times. I hope someone from a big team doesn't steal him from us after this weekend."

Bertrand Godin, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec (driver #40 GTS) (from www.godinracing.com) "My career as a driving pilot started in the summer of 1986. I bought my first kart without my dad's permission, anticipating a bad reaction. My fear weren't justified as he gave me his OK as soon as he saw the kart in the garage. This first season was laborious since I didn't know anything about mechanic and I was not well equipped. My tool box made of cardboard contained a flat screwdriver, pliers and a few rags. With money missing I wasn't able to dispute more than four races. At my first race I ended up next to last due to axle problems. The second race gave me my first victory, which was a good motivation source. This first season allowed me to meet Jacques Villeneuve who was also starting in karting." Bertrand has since progressed through the ranks of various FIA Formula series', Toyota Atlantic and Indy Lights. This is his first appearance in the ALMS. Other activities include multiple appearances on radio and television programs. "I was surprised to hear from the team that they wanted to talk to me about driving. The team's engineer was my engineer in '95 (Player's-Forsythe Indy Lights Team) and they asked Claude Bourbonnais (former P-F Lights driver) who he would recommend as a good driver. I was more than happy to accept. This is my first time piloting a closed cockpit car in a pro series. The increased horsepower has an interesting sensation. There is so much more to work with in balancing out the car. I've only had 20 minutes in the car, yet I feel very confident in what I can accomplish during the race. I'll study the data tonight and be prepared to gain 2-3 seconds on the competition tomorrow." (about the track) "This track is very interesting. The sensation is great going into turn 1, with the double left turn. There's a big problem with oversteer in turn 3. It's fun to drive, especially being on the banking. The chicane will be much wider after the first lap. With only room for one car, it's a great place to challenge under braking, but also a chance for a big crash. I hope to be smart enough. It would be very delicious to touch someone there." (being in Charlotte) "LMS makes you realize why NASCAR is so popular. You can see all the action from one seat in the stands. This layout gives a good average of Formula, road race and NASCAR styles of racing. Motorsport is like music . in music there are many different types of instruments and motorsports have many different series' and types of cars. Not one is more important than the other, and all should be pushed to the limit. I love to race and just being in a race car." (on the ALMS) "I'm very impressed with what Panoz is doing with this series. No one in motorsport is attempting what he hopes to accomplish. His involvement is great. We need more people like him in racing."

Women's Global GT Series - Race 2 - 2000 Season:

Because of live TV schedules and the delay repairing the chicane from the Speedvision World Challenge race, the women's race has been shortened from 45 to 30 minutes.

At 11:00 - Green flag

At 11:02, end of lap 1: #11 Galica, #17 Lux, #18 Wahl, #2 Endress, #6 Bayer

At 11:02, end of lap 2: #11 Galica, #17 Lux, #2 Endress, #18 Wahl, #6 Bayer

At 11:03, car #17 Lux pulled off course and stopped, apparent belt problem.

At 11:04, end of lap 3: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #18 Wahl, #6 Bayer, #24 Zavodsky

At 11:05, car #18 and car #6 contact at turn 6, both cars off, and continued.

At 11:06, end of lap 4: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:07, end of lap 5: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:09, end of lap 6: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:10, watching cars #18 and #15 for leading fluids

At 11:10, end of lap 7: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:11, end of lap 8: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:13, end of lap 9: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:14, black flag for #6 Bayer for aggressive driving.

At 11:15, end of lap 10: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #6 Bayer

At 11:16, end of lap 11: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #6 Bayer

At 11:16, car #20 spun and continued at the chicane. Black flag for off course excursion.

At 11:17, end of lap 12: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #12 Ruman

At 11:18, car #12 slides into the tires at turn 1, car #23 slides and stops at the entrance to the corner. Full course yellow. Car #20 into the pits, car #23 continues and makes a pit stop with front end damage.

At 11:20, end of lap 13: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #18 Wahl

At 11:21, end of lap 14: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #18 Wahl

At 11:22 green flag

At 11:23, end of lap 15: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #18 Wahl

At 11:25, car #3 Moore spins and stops at turn 1.

At 11:25, end of lap 16: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #3 Moore, #18 Wahl

At 11:26, end of lap 17: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #18 Wahl, #19 Duno

At 11:28, end of lap 18: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #18 Wahl, #19 Duno

At 11:29, end of lap 18: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #24 Zavodsky, #18 Wahl, #19 Duno, white flag

At 11:29, #18 Wahl goes under #24 Zavodsky going into turn 1. The #18 makes it through, but the #24 goes wide into the tires, taking off the hood and damaging the front of the car.

At 11:30, checkered flag: #11 Galica, #2 Endress, #18 Wahl, #19 Duno, #6 Bayer

This is the third win in the series for Divina Galica. Belinda Endress ties her best finish (Petit Le Mans - 1999). Sarah Wahl has her best start and finish in the women's series.

Unofficial WGGTS Points: 1) Galica 47, 2) Bayer 38, 3) Endress 35, 4) Duno 32, 5) Wahl 24, 6) Lux 23, 7) Amy Ruman 22, 8) Hundertmark 20, 9) Zavodsky, LaRue, Moore 17, 12) Kincaid 14, 13) DeCoursey, Wolfkill 12, 15) Nicole Ruman 4

WGGTS Quotes:

Divina Galica "I came here intending to when. Sometimes you know before the race that you are going to win. I knew a week ago I was going to win this race. I now understand how to drive the car. It takes a while to learn. And now want to win a few more. " (comparing victories) "A wins a win. I would have liked to have gone through the field like Sarah did instead of from the front. It's a lot more fun. This track is physically demanding. You hit the banking so hard, in my case the car actually bottoms out. There is no rest time." (about her age) "Some people tell me I'm too old to race. I'm fifty-five years old. This is a victory for old folks everywhere."

Belinda Endress "Divina Galica is an incredible competitor. She's been doing it a long time. Driving behind her you learn a lot." (about the car) "You've got to feel good in the car. You have to have 1000% focus. I had a ball out there. I love the high banks, and I adore the chicane as it was today." (on the restart) "We got in the infield and the car got loose and the tires went away a little bit. The only place I could have caught her was in the chicane, but I just couldn't overtake her."

Sarah Wahl "I never had so much fun. I focused every corner, every lap. The chicane makes the track more interesting. They opened it since our cars are so hard to maneuver in tight places. We were able to carry a lot of speed through there." (on the last incident with Zavodsky) "Going into turn five I thought I was clean, and vaboom, she hit me. I was behind her for at least three laps, the first time (through the chicane) I was right on her bumper. I tried to pass on the inside, she came down and left no room. The second time I had a shot coming out of the chicane, tried to pass on the outside but there was no room. The last time, I gave her some distance so I could have some speed through there. I pulled up beside her then went right down, braked, and that was it."

Sonja Bayer (about the race) "I had a bad qualifying. I came around Sarah (Wahl) and she was going slow. This really hurt. I tried to miss her and hit Milka. I got a black flag for 4 or 5 laps, but overall I did OK."

Milka Duno (about the track) "It was very good, a lot of cars with a lot of in and out. I started 9th and only had 3 laps on the track in qualifying. Then my original car had problems and I only had one lap with this car before the race. I'm very happy with the result." (about the incident with the #6 car) "Sonja (Bayer) hit me and I went off to the side of the track. But I got back quickly and did well. I'm very pleased."

Cindi Lux (about the car) "The motor let go, I'm not sure what happened. After two or three laps the alarm went on and the motor slowed down. I'm extremely disappointed. Divina (Galica) and I were going to share space, but it didn't happen. I was sitting in second place, just going to wing it with first place, not even up to speed and that's when it happened - the motor just quit. I wish I could start the day all over but at least I'm safe. I guess that's what I can be grateful for."

Audrey Zavodsky (about the last lap incident) "Sarah went inside and I gave her a little room, but she just ran me right off. I didn't feel the impact, the car took it. It's very frustrating."

Terri Hundertmark (about the race) " It was kinda wild out there. I feel like with a little more time I'll be up there. I just don't have that much time in sedans and I still learning. But, we'll get there. I do have a lot of time on these Michelin Pilots and that helped on a hot day like this. I was happy with my race. I really figured out the chicane today. After hitting the 'Terri Hundertmark-signature series tire wall twice on Thursday, I was really glad to be getting through there the way I knew I could, today. The restart stacked all of us together going into one and the cars in the front were going slowly and I had to lift. A couple of cars got around me. It was a lot of fun having Heafner-Itco here as our partner and giving us all this local support. It was really great with all the local fans showing an interest in "Racing for Kids" and Michelin and the Women's Series."

Mike Fitzgerald (#22-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) (about his incident in the Speedvision race) "I hit the braking point at 4 going into the chicane, the ABS light came on and I had no ABS. I got sideways at 120 mph. My shoulder is sore, but I will be fine for this afternoon's race."

ALMS Race 2 - Grand Prix of Charlotte:

At 2:30, All cars have appeared for the formation lap and have gridded.

The #89-GT Barbosa/James Porsche 911 GT3 R, #08-GTS Rice/Brown Porsche 911 Turbo and #6-GT Said/Stuck/van Overbeek MW E46 M3 car are starting at the back of the field because of changing tires.

At 2:57 - from the voice of Chris Economaki - "Gentleman, start your engines." All cars have started and rolled away.

At 3:01 - Green flag.

At 3:02, car #42-P leads the first lap, followed by #1-P, #78-P, #77-P

At 3:07, car #92 into the pits, apparent drive train problems. Driver is out of the car.

At 3:07, car #1-P passes the #42-P at the line for the lead, then falls back to 2nd at turn 1.

At 3:10, car #77 has passed teammate #78 for 3rd place.

Tommy Archer (#92-GTS Dodge Viper GTS-R) "I got up on the banking, into 5th gear and it just let go. Something in the transmission."

At 3:13, car #02 into the pits, fuel and tires, no driver change.

At 3:15, car #51 lost a quarter panel at the chicane.

At 3:23, car #51 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:25, car #1-P passes #42-P down the back straight, side by side, #1-P through the chicane first.

At 3:26, car #6-GT spun at turn 1 after touching the #89-GT, stopped and continued.

At 3:32, top three by class: Prototype #1, #42, #77; GTS - #91, #08, #40; GT - #23, #5, #21

At 3:34, car #70 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:35, car #92 leaves the pits, gearbox change, tires and fuel, driver Archer.

At 3:41, local yellow flag at the chicane, damage to the tire wall, #23-GT hit the barrier. Full course yellow.

At 3:42, #78 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Biela.

At 3:43, #2 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:43, #0 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:44, #77 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Capello.

At 3:44, #42 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Muller.

At 3:44, #43 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:44, #40 into the pits, fuel only, driver change Shalala.

At 3:44, #21 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:44, #23 into the pits, body damage, new nose piece.

At 3:44, #5 into the pits, fuel only.

At 3:45, #1 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:46, #89 into the pits, tires only.

At 3:46, #08 into the pits, fuel and tires, stalled engine, restarted.

At 3:51, #22 into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 3:51, #10 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Peter Cunningham.

At 3:51, #6 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change van Overbeek.

At 3:51, #02 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Blieninger.

At 3:54 - Green flag

At 3:54 - cars #78 and #43 into each other through the tri-oval, both cars spin through the grass , both cars continued after loosing several positions.

At 3:54, #23 back out onto the track.

At 3:55, #08 into the pits, stop and go penalty for pit speed violation.

At 3:57, #23 into the pits, more water added to car.

At 4:00, #5 (leading in class) spins, continues with a flat right front tire. Heads to the pits.

At 4:00, #5 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Muller.

At 4:00, top three by class: Prototype #1, #42, #0; GTS - #91, #08, #40; GT - #22, #5, #10

At 4:02, #23 into the pits, fuel and more water added.

At 4:03, #71 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Skea.

At 4:05, #91 (leading in class) into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Beretta.

At 4:06, #40 into the pits, working on left rear body and tire damage. Tire change, rear tires only.

At 4:08, #23 into the pits, added more water.

At 4:09, #30 spun at the chicane and continued.

At 4:13, #43 passes #77 out of the chicane for fourth place overall.

At 4:20, car #21 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Wagner.

At 4:25, car #77 into the wall between turns 2 and 3. Driver is out of the car and looking at the right front. Back into the car. Driver back out of the car, walking to the paddock.

At 4:26, full course yellow.

At 4:26, car #21 into the pits, tire change only.

At 4:27, car #40 into the pits, left rear tire flat.

At 4:28, car #42 (2nd place overall) into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 4:28, car #43, into the pits, fuel and tires, new nose, driver change Auberlen.

At 4:29, car #78, into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Pirro.

At 4:29, car #30, into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Jeannette.

At 4:29, car #51, into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Maassen.

At 4:30, car #1 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Brabham.

At 4:30, car #89 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change James.

At 4:30, car #0 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change de Radiguez.

At 4:30, car #70 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Murry.

At 4:30, top three by class: Prototype - #42, #43, #1; GTS - #91, #08, #40; GT - #10, #51, #22

At 4:32, car #23 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Lambert.

At 4:32, car #78 into the pits, fuel and tires only, visor penalty.

At 4:35, car #02 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Simon, 40 second penalty fueler visor up.

At 4:35, car #22 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Nagel.

At 4:40, car #2 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Katoh.

At 4:41, car #6 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Stuck.

At 4:41, car #10 (leader in class) into the pits, fuel and tires only.

At 4:42, green flag.

At 4:44, car #40 into the pits, fuel only, driver change Godin, 40-second visor penalty.

At 4:44, car #08 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Brown.

At 4:47, car #92 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Donohue.

At 4:48, car #89 into the pits, tires only.

At 4:54, car #89 hit the guardrail at turn 3 and stopped in a safe place.

At 4:55, car #1 pass #43 for 2nd place overall going into turn 2.

At 4:55, car #02 into the pits,

At 5:00 top three by class: Prototype #42, #1, #43; GTS - #91, #08, #40; GT - #10, #51, #6

At 5:00, car #78 into the pits, fuel and tires, repaired body damage at back of car.

At 5:01, car #5 into the pits, rear spoiler off, repaired rear with lots of duct tape, fuel and tires only.

At 5:02, car #71 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Willingham.

At 5:08, car #40 on fire going down the front straight, stopped at the entry to turn 1, driver out of the car.

At 5:08, full course yellow.

At 5:08, car #77 returns to the track, driver Alboreto.

At 5:09, car #42 (overall leader) into the pits, splash of fuel only.

At 5:11, car #43 into the pits, splash of fuel only.

At 5:11, car #0 into the pits, fuel only.

At 5:11, car #91 into the pits, fuel and tires, driver change Wendlinger.

At 5:11, car #1 into the pits, fuel only.

Bertrand Godin (#40-GTS Porsche 911 Turbo) "I was going down the sw at full speed, I felt flames on my back, I knew I had to slow down quickly but it was hard to do, I knew I had to get out but it was hard to get out. It was bad, but I had fun." Reason out - turbo exploded.

At 5:24, car #21 into the pits, right side tires only.

At 5:24, car #6 into the pits, tires only.

At 5:25, car #02 into the pits, fuel and front left tire only.

At 5:27, Green Flag.

At 5:30, car #92 completes more laps than the #40 car (retired), guaranteeing a third place finish in class.

At 5:43, car #51 Maassen passes the #10 Peter Cunningham for the lead in GT.

At 5:45, white flag.

At 5:47, checkered flag.

Unofficial order of finish:

Prototype: #42, #1, #0

GTS: #91, #08, #92

GT: #51, #10, #22

Time of race: 2:45:48.157

Margin of Victory: 7.884 seconds

This is the seventh straight win for the Team ORECA Vipers, the sixth for the #91 car. The #42 BMW V12 LMR have now won 5 races (99 - Sebring, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Las Vegas). The #51 car completes the second win in a row for Dick Barbour Racing, including the win by the #5 car a Sebring this year.

Johnny O'Connell (#2-P Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S) "We had a hard week all together, so to get out of here with points is good. We were strong at the end, and Hiroki (Katoh) ran real well."

David Brabham (#1-P Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S) "It was really tough. Jan did a great double stint. Then we didn't do a pit stop right, and we lost a position. It was really hard to get past the BMW (#43). Then I had to do it again after the next stop."

David Donohue (#92-GTS Dodge Viper GTS-R) "The car ran fine even though we were 20 laps down. Another car had to break for us to move ahead. We were struggling in the handling. It would have been a decent race had the gearbox not broken. The chicane opened up during the race, I only had 20 minutes of testing time and the chicane changed every time I went through. Team ORECA glowed in ability. The Michelin tires held up. Tommy ran on the same set of tires (practice and qualifying) until the gearbox failure."

Tommy Archer (#92-GTS Dodge Viper GTS-R) "We had a chipped (gear) tooth going into the banking. It was stuck between two gears. This is not very common, and it wasn't on our list of worries. It was a brand new transmission. Everything was fine before it broke. We must have a broken rabbit's foot."

Zak Brown (#08-GTS Porsche 911 Turbo) "The team did a great job and my teammate did a great job. We set great times and it's good to get such a good finish so early in the year."

Vic Rice (#08-GTS Porsche 911 Turbo) "I was happy that I got the opportunity to start, even though I had to start dead last. Then I did a double stint, I drove for an hour and 45 minutes. Then we put Zak in the car and he brought it home second."

Randy Pobst (#23-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "We led the start which was great. I tried to pass through the chicane and just didn't make it. There is really only room for one car and the BMW just didn't work with me. We did win the "radiator change" over the #5 car! The chicane is a very tough maneuver, frustration is my primary feeling. But the crew did a great job fixing the damage, we'll do it for the next race. We have led all three races for a long time. (To win) we just need to user our 'cranium' a little more."

Bruno Lambert (#23-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "The car ran good. The Cranium was well balanced and the Michelin tires were good. I could have stayed with the #51 and won the race, but traffic spread us apart. Unfortunately, all the activities happened before I got in the car."

Mike Fitzgerald (#22-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "I had an enormous crash in the wall this morning in Speedvision race. I thought 'this is the worst racing weekend'. To get on the podium (in this race) is amazing. "

Bob Nagel (#22-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "This is my first time with Alex Job Racing, and it's a great feeling to win a podium for him. I look forward to a prosperous 2000 season with them."

Mimmo Schiattarella (#0-P Lola B2K/10/Rafanelli V10) "This was a good win. We worked hard for it. Very nice to finish third. We beat the Panoz cars which is unbelievable."

Didier de Radigues (#0-P Lola B2K/10/Rafanelli V10) "We worked so hard, the team was great. We really fought for it. I gave everything my body could!"

Brian Cunningham (#10-GT BMW E36 M3) "Peter did all the work for this one. He had a great run the second half, it's a shame I couldn't contribute more. There's nothing I could do about it. It should have been a win, but I guess the race was about 4 minutes too long."

Peter Cunningham (#10-GT BMW E36 M3) "It was an awesome race, the PTG crew was not excited about coming into the race with a three second deficit in qualifying, but my teammate Brian Cunningham, no relation, drove round and around and did a great job. We led for a good while, if it hadn't been for the last yellow we might have had enough of a gap to maintain our position. But when they came around and got right behind me, then it was only a matter of time. I drove my fanny off trying to get a win for the E36 body in it's final showing in the American Le Mans Series, but it was not to be."

Hans Stuck (#6-GT BMW E46 M3) "I am happy we finished in fourth place, in contention, which was good. I would have rather have finished in third place. We had a couple of problems like a wheel nut didn't open on the pit stop, and another guy hit me. He apologized, which was very nice of him. And there was an unnecessary pit stop changing tires. Altogether it shows we have the potential."

Johannes van Overbeek (#6-GT BMW E46 M3) "We did much better than qualifying looked. We had issues with some pit stops that prevented us from finishing third. In the end it was a great result after a tough start to the year. Hopefully we can build on this and be on the podium for the rest of the year."

JJ Lehto (#42-P BMW V12 LMR) (on not driving a long stint) "It was short, less than 40 laps. We had planned for me to go out at the end, but the yellow changed that. I was just watching at the end and getting nervous." (when Magnussen passed) "He passed me because I got stuck in traffic. I was just hanging back to get a shot again. He also hit me in the back in traffic. Luckily I was able to control the car. Being a private team, for Rafanelli to do so well was very pleasing to me. It is nice to see a privateer can compete with the factory teams."

Jorg Muller (#42-P BMW V12 LMR) (about his long stint) "I've done Le Mans which is longer and tougher. At the end, I was very happy. Team strategy put us into position at the right time. It was brilliant teamwork. At the end, I wasn't pushing. David (Brabham) was quick. We had equal cars. It was a question of drivers being safe and quick. The track's quite narrow and tight and you hope drivers see you." (on restarting in front after the yellow) "Its not that important with so few cars. I knew the other P cars were behind me, so we could run free there for a while." (on this track - oval/road) "It's nice to drive something different. It's unlike anything we have in Europe. But there are some safety issues such as needing curbs in the infield."

Karl Wendlinger (#91-GTS Dodge Viper GTS-R) (on the small GTS field) "We were still pushing through the race and relied on the reliability of the car. We could make our own race tactics. Our strongest competitor was our own teammates, who unfortunately had problems early in the race."

Olivier Beretta (#91-GTS Dodge Viper GTS-R) "There were not so many GTS cars in this category. This was a relaxed race for us and everything worked like clockwork. We took this race like a real test. It worked well, like Daytona and Sebring."

Bob Wollek (#51-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "This was a great win. We have good cars and a team with experienced people. Our car didn't have a single problem." (on his unscheduled pit stop) "My car was sliding out of the chicane, I had a big slide and almost lost it. A half lap later, I got a big push and crossed the track at corner 5. I thought I had a puncture. First, an oversteer, then an understeer. And the car had a vibration. I came thinking I had a puncture. Later, we were lucky. We had a yellow and were able to make up the time."

Sascha Maassen (#51-GT Porsche 911 GT3 R) "When I took over the car, we lost a lap (due to the yellow). There were only 50 minutes left. BMW was giving me a hard time. I'm happy to finish the race. This might be the start for good things for us." (on the pass for the lead) "I caught him two laps before I passed him to see where I was quicker than he was. Just at the end of the straightaway, because of our advantage at top speed, I saw a little chance. I got a good exit off the banking, put him a little inside, then I was in the lead. It was a close maneuver. I didn't plan it. But he didn't want to let me by." -PSR-