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1368372123 Bob Dilner comes to chat with Tony Clements, Jeremy Clements and Rickie Pearson
Miss Road Atlanta
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The BreadMan Richard Coleman speaks with Jeremy Clements Geoff Carter
More attention to detail on the #51 1368372157
1368372139 1368372115
Jeremy Clements speaks with some of the Vista Paint VIP's Crewman Kyle Petty confers with JCR tire specialist Eddie Pearson and Car Chief Tommy Blackwell
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Nigel Crellin
1368372121 Jamie Whincup
Tech template station #1 JCR Crew Chief Rickie Pearson confers with Car Chief Tommy Blackwell
1368372104 1368372153
Trip to Monza
1368372145 1368372112
Garth Tander Photo caption
1368372162 1368372169
Team owner Tony Clements and Crew Chief Rickie Pearson up on the JCR pit box Tech lineup