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California Speedway
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House of Power - Clements Racing Engines Jeremy Clements Racing Crewman Steve Phillips & Crew Chief Rickie Pearson
Track bar adjustment Fancy wheel chock - Gibbs racing style
Passenger side front spring view on the JCR #51 Crewman Kyle Petty confers with JCR tire specialist Eddie Pearson and Car Chief Tommy Blackwell
Vista Paint Support for the Jeremy Clements Racing #51 Chevy Impala tech template station #4 - Brian Vickers' car gets its wheelbase checked.
The BreadMan Richard Coleman speaks with Jeremy Clements JCR tire specialist Eddie Pearson has his game face on.
Tommy Blackwell and JCR Team Owner Tony Clements button the #51 up Team owner Tony Clements and Crew Chief Rickie Pearson up on the JCR pit box
Jeremy Clements speaks with some of the Vista Paint VIP's Tech template station #3
Pit row qualifying lineup Bob Dilner comes to chat with Tony Clements, Jeremy Clements and Rickie Pearson
JCR Crew Chief Rickie Pearson confers with Car Chief Tommy Blackwell Tech lineup
Jeremy Clements is in the house. Jeremy leads a lap under caution
Front view of the #51 Jeremy Clements Racing Impala More attention to detail on the #51
Tech template station #2 On the pole for now while Bob Dilner interviews Jeremy
Tire chock - JCR style Tech template station #1
Jeremy Clements addresses more VistaPaint VIP Guests Qualifying preparations
View of the paddock from the spotters stand Chassis adjustments on the JCR #51
Allan Bestwick chats up JCR Crew Chief Rickie Pearson JCR #51 in the qualifying queue
Clements Racing SB2 Engine in the #51