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Erin Crocker Erin Crocker
Dave Darland, Dave Steele and Tracy Hines on victory lane Donnie Schatz
Dave Steele on victory lane
P.J. Jones Dane Carter
Rich Tobias Jr. Bentley Warren
Chet Fillip Bobby East
J.J. Yeley, second fastest Dave Steel, fastest qualifier
Dave Darland Bentley Warren
Erin Crocker Hot Rod Heydenreich
Erin Crocker Silver Crown dicing
Bud Kaeding Lundgreen (0) and Kaeding (2)
P.J. Jones Jimmy Kite
Kite Sandwich Teddy Beach
Dave Steele Tracy Hines
Jimmy Kite Johnny Heydenreich
Tracy Hines Teddy Beach
Bobby East J.J. Yeley
Aaron Pollock Bud Kaeding
Johnny Rodriguez Jay Drake