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Paul Gentilozzi Simon Gregg
Bob Ruman Joey Scarallo
Bud Thurston Joey Scarallo
Simon Gregg Joey Scarallo
Bob Ruman Don Sak
Bob Ruman Randy Ruhlman
Simon Gregg Joey Scarallo
Tony Ave Tomy Drissi
Lou Gigliotti Michael Lewis
Butch Leitzinger Michael Lewis
Lou Gigliotti Butch Leitzinger
Paul Gentilozzi Stuart Hayner
Paul Gentilozzi Justin Bell
Lou Gigliotti Greg Pickett
Lou Gigliotti Randy Ruhlman
Boris Said Lou Gigliotti and Paul Gentilozzi
Bob Ruman Tomy Drissi
Greg Pickett Simon Gregg
Bob Ruman Butch Leitzinger
Stuart Hayner Michael Lewis
Butch Leitzinger Justin Bell
Stuart Hayner Paul Gentilozzi
Bud Thurston and Max Lagod Johnny Miller
Tomy Drissi Lou Gigliotti