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Clay Regazzoni after his crash at the start Gilles Villeneuve at full speed on three wheels
They said it couldn't be done: Gilles Villeneuve passing Alan Jones from the exterior of the spectacular Tarzan curve at Zandvoort Clay Regazzoni
Winner Jean-Pierre Jabouille with René Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve Jean-Pierre Jabouille in front of Gilles Villeneuve
First victory for a Renault F1 car: Jean-Pierre Jabouille in a double turbo-charged RS 10 Hawaiian Tropic girls with Rolf Stommelen, Dick Barbour and Paul Newman
#61 Beurlys Ferrari 512 B: Nick Faure, Steve O'Rourke, Bernard de Dryver, Jean Beurlys #39 ASA Cachia Porsche 935: Jacques Guérin, Chanaud, Fréderic Alliot, Jean-Louis Schlesser
#77 Mazda Auto Tokyo Mazda RX-7: Tetsu Ikuzawa, Yojiro Terada, Claude Buchet #74 Jean-Pierre Jarier Porsche 935: Jean-Pierre Jarier, Randolph Townsend, Raymond Touroul
#68 Interscope Racing Porsche 935: Ted Field, Milt Minter, John Morton #64 North American Racing Team Ferrari 512 BB: Jean-Pierre Delaunay, Cyril Grandet, Preston Henn
#63 Charles Pozzi/JMS Racing Ferrari 512 BB: Michel Leclère, Claude Ballot-Léna, Peter Gregg #62 Charles Pozzi/JMS Racing Ferrari 512 BB: Jean-Claude Andruet, Spartaco Dini
#62 Charles Pozzi/JMS Racing Ferrari 512 BB: Jean-Claude Andruet, Spartaco Dini #53 W.M. AEREM WM P79 Peugeot: Michel Pignard, Jacques Coulon, Serge Saulnier
#45 Porsche Kremer Racing Porsche 935 K3: Axel Plankenhorn, Philippe Gurdjian, John Winter #42 Sekurit Racing Porsche 935/77: Edgar Dören, Dieter Schornstein, Götz von Tschirnhaus
#41 Porsche Kremer Racing Porsche 935 K3: Klaus Ludwig, Don Whittington, Bill Whittington #37 Gelo Racing Team Porsche 935: John Fitzpatrick, Jean-Louis Lafosse, Harald Grohs
#35 Carlo Pietromarchi De Tomaso Pantera: Gianfranco Brancatelli, Carlo Pietromarchi, Maurizio Micangeli #33 Racing Organisation Corse Chevron B36 ROC: Marcel Tarrès, Alain Dechelette, Charles Dechelette
#32 BP Racing/Hubert Striebig TOJ SC206 BMW: Alain Cudini, Hubert Striebig, Hughes Kirschoffer #21 Lambretta Lola T296 ROC: Renauld Laverre, Patrice Lenormand
Racing Organisation Corse paddock area Alan Jones and Clay Regazzoni
Janet Guthrie Jean-Pierre Jarier and Mario Andretti
Jean-Pierre Jarier Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti The typical Gilles Villeneuve powerslide technique
Cale Yarborough holds his helmet in his right hand while fighting off Bobby Allison with his left leg and Bobby's brother Donnie