#325 Ford: Erik Wevers and Fabian Lurquin
#325 Ford: Erik Wevers and Fabian Lurquin

Photo by: Riwald Dakar Team

Erik Wevers and Fabian Lurquin finished fourteenth today in the fifth stage between Arequipa and Arica. It is the best day result of the Dutch Riwald Dakar Team in this Dakar Rally so far. Gert Huzink found good speed during the short special of 172 km and conquered 32th place. Tomorrow a new chapter begins in Chile.

Today was the first time in days without dunes on the menu. The last test in Peruvian territory consisted of gravel paths, fesh fesh and dirt roads. The speeds were therefore high. Erik Wevers and Fabian Lurquin had a great day and were underway for a top 10 finish with their HRX Ford, until the pair lost time in the dust of the American Robby Gordon and the Argentinian Orlando Terranova.

Gert Huzink felt very much at home in the HRX Ford with number 346 today. The result could have been better, but costly minutes were lost after a puncture. Gert and co-driver Eugénie Decré also stopped to check on a crashed team. When the pair appeared ok, Gert and Eugénie continued towards the finishing line in full trottle.

Erik Wevers and Fabian Lurquin can be found in sixteenth place in the general classification, Gert Huzink and Eugénie Decré are in thirtieth position.

Riwald Dakar quotes:

Erik Wevers/Fabian Lurquin (car number 325) “Everything went smooth today: the car, navigating and driving. It is unfortunate that we lost out precious seconds after being passed by Gordon and Terranova. You just have to slow down in the dust because you literally don’t see anything. “

Gert Huzink/Eugénie Decré (car number 346) "The feeling was good today. It was a nice special stage. Very varied. Short but powerful. “

Riwald Dakar Team