During the final test day before the A1GP season really kicks off next week at Circuit Park Zandvoort A1 Team Netherlands set the fourteenth fastest time. With a fastest lap of 48.421 Jeroen Bleekemolen was six tenths behind India. The whole field was very close together, the top 20 were within one second. Yesterday the team finished the day in third position after setting the quickest time in the morning. Looking back on two days of testing, the team is confident about the Zandvoort race.

A1 Team Netherlands Rookie Arie Luyendyk jr. was the first to take to the track for A1 Team Netherlands. Conditions were windy and it looked like it was going to rain, but the entire session was run with dry conditions.

During the session A1 Team Netherlands was not able to show the pace of yesterday, the entire morning the team suffered from a fuel pickup problem. This made the car somewhat slower.

Arie Luyendyk jr. "Today I felt more comfortable in the car. Every time I go out in the car I feel more confident. I was able to drive 38 laps today, which was a lot more than yesterday and with every session my confidence grew and my lap times improved. With the tyre wear where it was and the fact that we prepared the car with the gearing for the upcoming Zandvoort race, I think the times were pretty reasonable. Everyone rushed to put on new tires because of the threat of rain so the times really do not show our potential. By the time we get to the Czech Republic for the Friday session I'll be prepared to give some good feedback for the team. Now I am looking forward to doing the demonstration runs at Zandvoort".

Jeroen Bleekemolen; "I started later today, because Arie did a lot of driving. It is good for him that he was able to get more miles under his belt. We had a lot of things for Zandvoort on the car already, which was not ideal for this track and we also had a fuel pickup problem. That definitely did not help. We especially lost a lot on the straights. We should not look at the times too much. If we would have gone for a fast lap, we probably would have been quite a bit quicker. We did that yesterday. Again we did learn today and yesterday. We should be able to have a good car for Zandvoort and then we will be competitive".

Jan Lammers; "We are happy with the data we collected over the past day and a half days. Yesterday the focus was more on performance. We were quickest in the morning and third overall at the end of the day. The afternoon session was used for a back to back test to confirm that the changes of the morning were real improvements. This boosted our confidence about Zandvoort. Today we mainly concentrated on getting Arie into the car as good and comfortable as possible, he is a bit taller than Jeroen and we also worked on trying different race set ups for Zandvoort".

A1 Team Netherlands and all other teams will now prepare everything for shipping from their Silverstone base to Zandvoort, where from 28-30 September the opening round of the third A1GP World Cup of Motorsport season will be held.

-credit: team netherlands