The Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) has launched a new membership programme which links with the team to reach the youth audience. The AAM A1 Team Malaysia Unicard is a new initiative by the AAM which offers young drivers a host of benefits and capitalizes on the popularity of the A1GP team to encourage uptake of the new card.

A1 Team Malaysia has been supported by the AAM over the last 2 seasons of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. The team is proud that the organization has harnessed the value of the team's popularity and used this association for the new card. With a fan club base of over 35,000 and a predominantly young, male, profile, it is a very appropriate property for a membership programme which targets a younger generation of car owners and drivers.

The new membership programme, for 18 -- 23 year old drivers, is free of charge and members pay subsidized charges only when they require service. AAM's 24-hour road assistance and breakdown service includes everything from a motorcycle patrol or van unit being dispatched to assist vehicles that run out of petrol, or requires a jump start or a new car battery, to providing car carriers and tow trucks in the event the vehicle is immobilized.

While membership is free of charge, cardholders are required to make a pledge that they will abide by a set of eight golden rules of road safety, and in doing so, becoming a responsible, caring, law abiding and safe driver.

AAM Chairman Yang Mulia Tunku Mudzaffar Tunku Mustapha, said of the new Unicard, "The launch of the AAM A1 Team Malaysia Unicard allows AAM to fulfil three very important objectives - inculcating the importance of road safety to young drivers, providing them with around the clock breakdown assistance, and growing AAM's membership base for the future."

The AAM A1 Team Malaysia Unicard membership programme is also an extension of the existing AAM A1 Team Malaysia card that was introduced in 2008 in collaboration with A1 Team Malaysia.

Owen Leed, Commercial Director, A1 Team Malaysia, said of the launch of the new card, "AAM is the number one breakdown service and road assistance provider in Malaysia and as the leading international motorsport team of Malaysia, we are delighted to be able to work with AAM to introduce new initiatives such as this Unicard. We welcome AAM's focus on road safety and fully endorse their commitment to this important consideration in car driving and ownership. A1 Team Malaysia has a very loyal fan base of young drivers who are car enthusiasts and passionate about our team, so this is a perfect fit for the new card."

A1 Team Malaysia will return to the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport for the fifth season of competition later this year.

-credit: malaysia